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JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine

The JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine is portable, easy to move, and offers optimum versatility for batting practice. Able to throw all types of JUGS baseballs, the Jugs Pitching Machine features a swivel-design base that provides 360-degree movement for fly balls, ground balls, and pop-ups. The machine pitches fastballs, curveballs, and sliders with a speed range of 20 to 104 miles per hour. The machine is able to pitch left- or right-handed balls.

Iron Mike Pitching Machine

Hitting is all about timing. You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing and when to shift your weight. This is achieved by watching the pitcher’s arm and release of the ball. An arm-style pitching machine is the only type of pitching machine that gives you that same sense of timing. With each pitch you see the machine’s arm wind up and release the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine that allows you to practice the same fundamentals in the batting cages as you use on the field. Because of this, the Iron Mike arm-style pitching machines from Master Pitching Machine are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide.



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