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About Our Coaches

Here at Oil City athletics, we strive to provide youth baseball and softball players on Long Island with the best coaching around.  For starters, EACH and EVERY ONE of our coaches as equipped with collegiate experience. Headlined by the PROFESSIONAL experience of former Major Leaguer Reid Gorecki, and the Minor League/Independent Careers of his brother Ryan Gorecki, along with the likes of Pete Durkovich, Alejandro Ruiz, and Chris Tessitore there is plenty of knowledge of the game to go around. Don't be surprised by the resume of our COLLEGIATE AND HIGH SCHOOL COACHES, Tommy Beirne who has been instrumental in building this program alongside the Gorecki brothers and Jake Santamaria, who spend his offseason with us as well. Not only do we have these guys, but the knowledge and expertise of Heather Pomilio is unmatched as well. She devotes her life full time to helping teach and cultivate softball players who are up next! And last but certainly not least are the likes of Pat Madigan, Jay Hasdourf, Donald Crispyn, and quite a few more former college players who had OUTSTANDING CAREERS and now give back and help their community in developing the next generation!

Our formula is a simple one being to introduce, develop, harness and master! Our goals are simple, WE WANT YOU to graduate our program at 17 years old being the best player you can be having developed relationships, mindsets, and skills necessary for you to exceed at the next level! Whether your next level is Varsity Baseball or Softball, Collegiate Sports, or getting yourself into a situation for you to get a degree, we want to prepare you for not only sports but for life as well! Check out the drop down tabs to see a little bit about each individual coach!



Oil City Athletics
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